Abismo de Pasión capitulo 32 Telenovela

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Love story that takes place in the Yucatan village, is a burning like the passions of its inhabitants.

Augusto Castanon Castanon and Stephanie Berger are the parents of Elisa (Angelique Boyer). Carmina living with them, sister Stephanie, who will flee the town with Rosendo, Alfonsina, his wife finds out and alert to Augustus. Meanwhile, Stephanie tries to dissuade Rosendo not to abandon his family, but a car accident ends the life of both. Carmina takes to make people think Augustus that his wife was unfaithful.

Years later, Damian (David Zepeda), Son of Alfonsina, returns to the village become an adult and committed to Florence Landuchi (Altair Jarabo).
Damien falls in love with Elisa and is reciprocated, leading to his old friend Gael (Mark Tacher) to become his rival because he also loves Elisa since childhood.
A story of four young men whose destiny and happiness are severely attacked by bitterness, ambition and betrayal that prevails ...

Abismo de Pasión capitulo 32

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