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Abismo de Pasìon Capítulo 50 Telenovela

Abismo de Pasìon Capítulo 50 Online on March, 2012. This high quality video and sound that just can not let a single day and see the details of this super soap opera, besides that I can download to your computer. Greetings friends. Abismo de Pasìon Capítulo 50 Telenovela, just follow the link below or see can also see here in the same blog. thanks and greetings.

Abismo de Pasìon: The story unfolds through the reeds of the state of Veracruz, where the shame and resentment that causes a lie forever mark the lives of two families and four friends, known as children: Julia, Paul, John of God and Mireya. Canaveral Passions is a soap opera about the life of Julia Santos, a noble girl and extremely beautiful, Mireya friend and love of Paul and John of God, who lives besieged by rancor and bitterness that his own family has built around them. Julia will have to fight the ghosts that inhabit the mind of his father, Fausto, against the resentment of Dinora Faberman, aunt, and slander against the people that have been invented about her mother and herself. Paul, son of Josefina Montero, is the love of Julia. Both represent the love that is born in the early years and grows over time, becoming stronger.... Abismo de Pasìon Capítulo 50 Avance
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