The Best Love Quotes For Her

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Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that this is real. Its a wonderful feeling, almost like I am on cloud nine. You have such charm hidden in your personality. I really love you.
~ Minion Loop

Can love really change someone? After meeting you I believe that it really can. The happiness, love and fun that we have has made me such a better person now and I feel like I can keep getting better.
~ John Sanders

Your smile is like a hundred volts bulb. It lights up my life and it even appears in my dreams as I sleep at night. When I feel down and depressed I think about your smile and I feel inspired and happy again.
~ Ferry Might

 You just glided into my life and I did not even know how much we started to like each other. It was such a breeze and now I look back and think about how it all started. It feels just so good.
~ Shane Rick

Before I met you, life used to be so predictable and I knew exactly what was going to happen. It was boring. But from the time I met you, everything has changed and I just love this new feeling.
~ Wind-mere Jay

When you are away I try to keep my mind away from you but its like magnet. I can't help but think about you when you are not here with me. This is love!
~ Crowley Ion

Your love has given me so many things and I cannot tell you how happy I feel. Sometimes all you can do is just smile and think of all the good things. I love you so much.
~ Barry Jones

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New Love Quotes For Her

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When love is new its such a beautiful feeling. Everything feels just so wonderful. There is so much to learn and know about the other person. You feel you could never get tired of that person.
~ Meagan Tran

There was no fear or hesitation at all. I knew you are good for me and that this relationship is going to be a really good thing. My mind was easy and my heart gave the green signal.
~ Jim Ton

I don't regret falling in love with you but one thing that I feel sorry for is that I did not fall in love with you sooner. So much time I missed out on.
~ Kerry Over

As the days pass, remember that love can change a bitter memory into a sweet one. No matter what happened in your past, love can change it all. Don't hesitate to start new.
~ Yoda Chan

Nowadays I just cannot keep my mind off you. Its just like an automated switch or a magnet that keeps attracting me towards you.
~ Senna Jonquil

Your love has worked its magic on my heart. When I sleep in the night, all I dream about is you and when I begin to wake up I cannot help but check my phone for your call or message.
~ Venice Charles

Let's escape to a world where there is only two of us, you and me. Then you will see that we were simply meant to be together forever.
~ Merle Shinny

Those funny jokes you crack not only make me laugh but also get my heart closer to yours. Remember that once I fall in love, there is no cure.
~ Karen Maoris

When I saw your eyes for the first time, I knew this was going to be something more than just a first meeting. Look how far we came all through your eyes.
~ Lola Tweedy

All this time I have been searching so hard, where were you?
I had to to face this world alone and try hard to make it through.
But from the day you came, you changed it to a beautiful view.
I am totally in love and this feeling is sweet, lovely, happy and new.
~ Dora Donald

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Emo Love Quotes For Her

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An evening comes with your memories and one goes leaving your memories in my heart. I am still waiting for the one that will bring you to me.
- Dora Hamilton

If I reside in your heart, it is the best place for me. I will happily reject a palace for the little space that you give me.
- Cindy Flora

With your love my life has turned beautiful and bright like a summer morning. Yes we do face problems and argue but on the good days I am the happiest person alive.
- Anna Hudson

I will remember you even if you do not accept it. I will trust you even when you do not understand the value of it. It's such a relation that I will wait for you even if you do not bother to keep in touch.
- Judy Derek

Want to know what you really mean to me? Let me tell you, you are my reason to breathe....the breeze that touches me while smile....stars that shine upon me....peace of my sleepless world!
- Nina Todd

I don't want to lose you when I have you in my life. I don't want to cry when you have made me so happy. I just want to love you all my life as you with this loving heart you have created in me.
- Grace Nicole

Love teaches you to smile without anything funny,
Makes you cry without any pain.
It is more precious than all the money,
cos it flows like the blood in your veins!
- Clara Sanders

Once I am in love, it is never over. I may move on as I have to but I will always carry the remains of that love in my heart.
- Lara Lane

I feel down when you are not around, everything seems to crumble apart. But when you are around I feel like I am lucky to have someone to miss so badly.
- Tracy Nestor

Love is the bird with the feathers of sorrow,
I fly with a lonely heart when you are not around.
Can't live without you near me because
you're are my past love, my future today and tomorrow.
- Jennifer Anderson

It is difficult to express how much you mean to me. Most of the time I don't say a word, but I am sure that someday you will know that you are the one that I live for.
- Mary Stephens

I promise not to leave you alone in this life. If you leave my hand, I will surely bring you back to me.
- Jenny Anderson

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Live Laugh Love Quotes

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I have found that life is too short to live with constant regrets. Always love the people who treat you well and forget about those who don't.
~ Jamie Smith

I have discovered that there are two perspectives on life. The first is to live your life as though nothing is extraordinary. The second is to live as though everything is extraordinary and make the most of it.
~ Martha Strong

Your soul-mate is the person in your life who brings out your best traits and qualities. This person is not perfect, but they are always perfect for you.
~ Keith Jones

Love is just a word on a page when you're a child. When someone amazing comes along, you begin to realize that love is actually a living and breathing force that changes your entire life.
~ Emily Gremlin

Even the poorest person in life can enjoy a good laugh. If you find someone without luxuries in life, but you make them laugh and smile, then you have given them a special gift.
~ Marilyn Garrett

Love is like a roller coaster. It can take you to the highest, most spectacular heights or drop you to bottom in seconds. However, even with the risks, love is undoubtedly worth it in the end.
~ Jackson Lee

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Kata-Kata Bijak Mutiara Islami Spesial Ramadan

Apihyayan Blog kali ini berbagi informasi mengenai kata-kata bijak, dimana Kumpulan kata hari ini hadirkan kata bijak mutiara Islami spesial Ramadan khas Mario Teguh. Di bulan yang penuh berkah, siraman rohani selain bisa menambah iman dan taqwa serta memotivasi mereka yang sedang didera masalah hidup. Berikut kumpulan Kata Bijak Mutiara Islami Spesial Ramadan.

“Allah akan mengabulkan harapan kita dengan tidak memberi apa yang kita inginkan, karena Dia Maha Tahu bahaya yang akan menimpa dibalik keinginan kita.”

“Tidak perlu menjawab penghinaan dengan penghinaan lagi, cukup jawablah dengan evaluasi diri, gigih memperbaiki diri, dan berikan bukti yang tak terpungkiri.”

“Akan ada saat hati menjadi sedih dan gelisah. Jangan biarkan larut dan mencuri hidup kita, bangkitlah, sibuklah, bergaulah dengan orang yang bermanfaat dan perbanyaklah berdzikir.”

“Jika kita boleh memilih 5 hal di dunia ini, maka pilihlah agama, harta, akhlak mulia, rasa malu dan pemurah. Pesan Lukmanul Hakim kepada anaknya.”

“Duduk diam berpikir bersama Allah SWT sama artinya dengan menyusun kekuatan dalam gerak dan ucap.”

“Hidup bukan hanya untuk hari ini, besok ataupun lusa. Hidup juga untuk menuju kehidupan yang kekal, maka tanamkanlah kebaikan dalam hidup ini.”

“Orang yang berkata jujur maka akan mendapatkan tiga hal, yaitu kepercayaan, cinta, dan rasa hormat.”

“Perbanyaklah kamu untuk mengingat mati karena hal tersebut bisa membersihkan dosa dan membuat kamu zuhud atau tidak cinta kepada dunia.”

“Sabar memiliki dua sisi, sisi yang satu adalah sabar, sisi yang lain adalah bersyukur kepada Allah.”

“Janganlah mencari rezeki dengan berbuat maksiat, karena karunia Allah tidak bisa didapat dengan perbuatan maksiat.”

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