Emo Love Quotes For Her

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An evening comes with your memories and one goes leaving your memories in my heart. I am still waiting for the one that will bring you to me.
- Dora Hamilton

If I reside in your heart, it is the best place for me. I will happily reject a palace for the little space that you give me.
- Cindy Flora

With your love my life has turned beautiful and bright like a summer morning. Yes we do face problems and argue but on the good days I am the happiest person alive.
- Anna Hudson

I will remember you even if you do not accept it. I will trust you even when you do not understand the value of it. It's such a relation that I will wait for you even if you do not bother to keep in touch.
- Judy Derek

Want to know what you really mean to me? Let me tell you, you are my reason to breathe....the breeze that touches me while blowing....my prayer....my smile....stars that shine upon me....peace of my life....my sleepless nights....my world!
- Nina Todd

I don't want to lose you when I have you in my life. I don't want to cry when you have made me so happy. I just want to love you all my life as you with this loving heart you have created in me.
- Grace Nicole

Love teaches you to smile without anything funny,
Makes you cry without any pain.
It is more precious than all the money,
cos it flows like the blood in your veins!
- Clara Sanders

Once I am in love, it is never over. I may move on as I have to but I will always carry the remains of that love in my heart.
- Lara Lane

I feel down when you are not around, everything seems to crumble apart. But when you are around I feel like I am lucky to have someone to miss so badly.
- Tracy Nestor

Love is the bird with the feathers of sorrow,
I fly with a lonely heart when you are not around.
Can't live without you near me because
you're are my past love, my future today and tomorrow.
- Jennifer Anderson

It is difficult to express how much you mean to me. Most of the time I don't say a word, but I am sure that someday you will know that you are the one that I live for.
- Mary Stephens

I promise not to leave you alone in this life. If you leave my hand, I will surely bring you back to me.
- Jenny Anderson

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