The Best Love Quotes For Her

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Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that this is real. Its a wonderful feeling, almost like I am on cloud nine. You have such charm hidden in your personality. I really love you.
~ Minion Loop

Can love really change someone? After meeting you I believe that it really can. The happiness, love and fun that we have has made me such a better person now and I feel like I can keep getting better.
~ John Sanders

Your smile is like a hundred volts bulb. It lights up my life and it even appears in my dreams as I sleep at night. When I feel down and depressed I think about your smile and I feel inspired and happy again.
~ Ferry Might

 You just glided into my life and I did not even know how much we started to like each other. It was such a breeze and now I look back and think about how it all started. It feels just so good.
~ Shane Rick

Before I met you, life used to be so predictable and I knew exactly what was going to happen. It was boring. But from the time I met you, everything has changed and I just love this new feeling.
~ Wind-mere Jay

When you are away I try to keep my mind away from you but its like magnet. I can't help but think about you when you are not here with me. This is love!
~ Crowley Ion

Your love has given me so many things and I cannot tell you how happy I feel. Sometimes all you can do is just smile and think of all the good things. I love you so much.
~ Barry Jones

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