Falling in love quotes for her

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I was trying hard to avoid this but now I just cannot resist it. Somehow, I just keep falling in love with you again and again.
~ Jim Molina

Your eyes have a story to tell. They speak to me about a person who has searched for love and has beauty within. I think your eyes are the reason why I fell in love with you.
~ Chris Morgan

I used to think that I will need so many qualities to make me fall in love with a person. But then I met you and I just needed one thing to fall in love - YOU!
~ Fedora Sam

A smile can make a person feel wonderful but yours is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Every time I see you smiling my heart melts and I fall in love again.
~ Adrian Zilch

Don't hide the jewels that are in your heart. Don't try to bury your feelings. Many have missed love because they were just too scared or shy to admit it. Don't let that be you.
~ Vicky Bro

Some people are so annoying that you dislike them instantly. Some people are nice and friendly, you like them immediately. Then there are some people - just one person - who makes me fall in love always!
~ Jason Loans

The day I met you I knew that someday I would be in love with you. I did not know that the day would come so soon.
~Shane Cliburn

Loving someone and falling in love are two different things. When you fall in love, you expect love back &  your heart breaks but when you are loving someone you are so busy that you have no time to expect anything back.
~ Samantha Pete

Is it worth rushing into love? I don't think so because true love lasts forever and you will have enough time to enjoy it. Rather let love find you.
~ Mogul Tamworth

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