Famous Coffee Quotes

Famous Coffee Quotes adalah kata ucapan humor seputar coffe, apakah anda termasuk yang menyukai minuman coffe, di bawah ini Famous Coffee Quotes untuk anda pengunjung Apihyayan Blog

  • "Coffee which makes the politician wise, and see through all things with his half-shut eyes." ~ Alexander Pope
  • "Are we sure it is desirable for a man's spirit not to be at war with itself, or that it is better to be serene and ready to go to dinner than to be excited and unwilling to stop for a cup of coffee even?" ~ William Saroyan
  • "Tobacco, coffee, alcohol, hashish, prussic acid, strychnine, are weak dilutions; the surest poison is time." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love." ~ Charles Maurice de Talleyrand
  • "No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee's frothy goodness." ~ Sheikh Abd-al-Kadir
  • "Coffee leads men to trifle away their time, scald their chops, and spend their money, all for a little base, black, thick, nasty, bitter, stinking nauseous puddle water." ~ The Women's Petition Against Coffee
  • "This guy makes coffee nervous." ~ Bobby Heenan on the Ultimate Roider
  • "Coffee, two sugars, cream... and aspirin." ~ Sinclair
  • "It seems to me that trying to live without friends is like milking a bear to get cream for your morning coffee. It is a whole lot of trouble, and then not worth much after you get it." ~ Zora Neale Hurston
  • "I put instant coffee in a microwave and almost went back in time." ~ Steven Wright
  • "I have measured out my life with coffee spoons." ~ T.S. Eliot
  • "I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon." ~ Ronald Reagan
  • "Way too much coffee. But if it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever." ~ David Letterman
  • "Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat." ~ Alex Levine
  • "Behind every successful woman...is a substantial amount of coffee." ~ Stephanie Piro
  • "We usually don't notice until the coffee tastes funny." ~ Anne Afdahl
  • "Tis pity wine should be so deleterious, for tea and coffee leave us much more serious." ~ Lord Byron
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