Sad Quotes that Speak about Friendship

Sad Quotes that Speak about Friendship adalah kata ucapan seputar persahabatan dan pertemanan, tentunya kita akan sedih apabila ada masalah dalam persahabatan kita. di bawah ini adalah Sad Quotes that Speak about Friendship tersebut.

"Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation." - Kahlil Gibran

"Let our friends perish, provided our enemies fall along with them." - a Greek proverb

"I myself am the only friend I have." - Terence

"Writer or painter god-parents are notoriously unreliable. That is, there is certain before long to be a cooling of friendship." - Gertrude Stein

"Being over seventy is like being engaged in a war. All our friends are going or gone and we survive amongst the dead and the dying as on a battlefield." - Muriel Spark

"The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you." - Anonymous

"I'm not even going to get mad anymore. I'm just going to learn to expect the lowest out of the people I thought the highest of." - Anonymous

"Discovered who were my real friends. I just wished that wasn't the way I had to discover." - Anonymous

"Real loss only occurs when you lose something that you love more than yourself." - Anonymous

"Whoever says Friendship is easy has obviously never had a true friend!" - Bronwyn Polson

"Not all scars show, not all wounds heal. Sometimes you can't always see the pain someone feels." - Anonymous

"My best friend... I feel like I've lost him forever, and he was like my touchstone." - Reality Bites

"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone." - Anonymous

"I think I've already lost you, I think you've already lost. I think I'm finally scared now, you think I'm weak... I think you're wrong!" - Anonymous

"Friendship is but a name; fidelity but an empty name." - Ovid

"The courts of kings are full of men, empty of friends." - Seneca

"While fortune lasts you will see your friend's face." - Petronius

"Be, as many now are, rich to yourself, poor to your friends." - Juvenal

"These days flattery wins friends, truth begets hatred." - Terence

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