Love quotes for your girlfriend

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My love, even if things were to fall apart right now I will keep my word, to love and cherish you because you made the one dream that mattered most in my life a reality. Being loved by you!
~Carols Homes

You might not have an idea but somewhere in the heavens, there is one angel less. That is you my love, I promise to give you the life your fellow angels have up there.
~Linnet Hems

 Every single second spent with you seems like eternity in heaven. I can't just imagine how it will feel spending the rest of my life around you.
~Joy Steep

Honey, I love you more this moment than I have ever done and I will never love you less than I do in this moment. My love for you keeps growing stronger with each increasing second.
~Mary Lee

Every time I hear those three magical words my mind goes back to that unforgettable moment you whispered them into my ears. You came in and nothing has remained the same, truly amazing you are my love.
~Mitchell Dons

I love you so much, not just for the person you are but more for the passionate and adorable person you have made out of me. People say I have changed lately, how I wish they knew the beautiful personality behind that irresistible smile is the one responsible for all these. I love you beyond words sweetheart.
~Lin McCarthy

It is through fate that we met choice that we became friends but something beyond words that we came together as lovers. Maybe one day I will get to know it, my sweetheart.
~Cindy Noelle

I sought for love but that ran away from me, my soul; but that wasn't within my reach then I looked out for you and all the three came together. My soul mate, My love.
~Jerry Josephine

Before I met you, I didn't believe in miracles but then you came and everything changed. I keep falling in love every day; something I never deemed possible.
~Sharon Smiles

That moment I set my eyes on you, I had this strong feeling that there was something in you that I longed for only to realize the other day that I was wrong. It was more than something. It was you I wanted, just you!
~Virginia Laurels

I love you with the passion of a drowning man for breathing air. I can't just have enough of you and having you a little would be disastrous.
~Sandra Thomas

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