I love you quotes for him

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Even when you are tired and make the effort to make me smile, I cannot help but fall in love with you. You win my heart instantly.
~ Isle Jew

All I wanted was a friend who would understand me and care for me. What I got was not just a friend but love itself. I love you!
~ Colin Thaw

I love you are three words and they cannot completely express what I truly feel for you. You are such a sweet heart that I need more than words to tell you what I really feel.
~ Jonathan Voice

I found you after what felt like infinity. I could not have pulled through any longer and that is why you were sent just for me.
~ Agnes Bing

Gadgets, cars and bikes are precious to boys. Clothes, shoes and jewelry are precious to girls. But more than all of these put together you are a precious part of my life. I love you more than anything else.
~ Cheryl Joe

When you look into my eyes I know that you find love. I know that there is nothing but goodness that you see. That is because ever since I knew love, I imprisoned you in my heart.
~ Annabelle Wire

You make me melt in the fun and laughter that you create so easily. Yet you are always there to care for me when I need it the most. I love you!
~ Shaniah Lou

If I was a star you would be my light and if I was the cake I would melt in your mouth in delight. I love you so much more than you will ever know.
~ Sharon Law

When I say I love you, there are so many memories that flash through my mind. The first time you said those words, the feeling it gave me and so much more.
~ Corinth Sue

I can hold you tight and stay happily in your embrace. You are all I need and being with you makes me understand what love can be.
~ Ola Moira

Sometimes I think about my past and how tough it felt when you were not in my life. Then I met you and that changed everything completely. You are my happiness and I love you very much.
~ Gary Math

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