Teenage Love Quotes For Her

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You have made me a better man. I cannot thank you enough and its so good that we fell in love. I will never give up on this relationship that we have. It is the most beautiful thing I have.
~ Rob Peters

Her love is beautiful I cannot take my eyes off her sweet smile. She is one in a million, cannot compare hers to any other style.
~ Matt Roberts

She is from the Facebook generation, poking her is my favorite pass time. I cannot live a single day without watching her pictures, I want to make her mine.
~ Joan Mall

From the time I met her, I have fallen so deeply in love with her. There are very few things that make me passionate like this. She is one in a million, I love her for treating me like this.
~ Rigging Loan

Friendship was just the start of it, it will grow to something more. I know that everything starts from a small step, for us life has a lot of love in store.
~ Fox Toyboy

I cannot imagine a day living without you, you have become such an important part of my life. I have searched for my soul mate and finally found you, you are the best part of my life.
~ Danton Brampton

When I thought about you today, a smile crept on my lips and my face lightened up. I was feeling so good about it and was simply loving it. You are the reason for a happy day.
~ Vernon Shaw

I cannot imagine a day without you. you are the reason why I wake up excited and go to bed with a sweet smile. The parts in between are pent thinking about you and your cuteness.
~ Shaffer Luna

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