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I Miss You Love SMS

I Miss You Love SMS

“Tonight loneliness is with me and it made me cry. I was not born to be alone. You and I were born to be together. I miss you so much.”

“When we are together problems seem small and joy is enormous. Without you my life is a problem and I am not happy at all. I miss you.”

“You are my soul mate and I need you with me. The days we have been apart I have wandered aimlessly and I have not been happy again. I only know I miss you."

“I have nothing if I do not have your love. Nothing is the same if you are not with me. I love you and I only know I will smile again when you are with me again.”

“I cannot wait to see you again. You are very special. You make days go by fast and joyfully. I miss you, darling.”
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