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Love SMS for Your Boyfriend

Love SMS for Your Boyfriend

“Nothing would be the same without you. Having you with me is enough to be happy, and one look from you lifts me up to heaven. You are the most wonderful boyfriend a girl could ever have.”

“I thank life for putting our hearts in the same path. I am thankful because down the road you became the boyfriend I had always dreamed of.”

“If the world was against us, it would not matter. I only care that you and I are together forever. You are my boyfriend, the man I love.”

“It was not easy to admit how I am feeling. You have taught me love can do anything, and nobody will ever love me like you do. I love you.”

“When I first saw you I felt something go through my whole body from head to toe. I think it was because I fell instantly in love with you. I love you.”

“The best day in my life was when you and I became a couple; the day when I pledged eternal love to both our hearts.”
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