Parenting Quotes and Sayings

Parenting Quotes and Sayings

Few things are more satisfying than seeing your children have teenagers of their own. ~ Doug Larson

Girls are the future mothers of our society, and it is important that we focus on their well-being. ~ Miriam Makeba

Having a baby changes the way you view your in-laws. I love it when they come to visit now. They can hold the baby and I can go out. ~ Matthew Broderick

Home life's great, man. The kids are great, happy and healthy. I've reached this sort of wonderful precipice. ~ Ryan Phillippe

How pleasant it is for a father to sit at his child's board. It is like an aged man reclining under the shadow of an oak which he has planted. ~ Voltaire

I don't think children's inner feelings have changed. They still want a mother and father in the very same house; they want places to play. ~ Beverly Cleary

Every cliche about kids is true; they grow up so quickly, you blink and they're gone, and you have to spend the time with them now. But that's a joy. ~ Liam Neeson

Family involvement is a valuable thing and playing together actively can be the '90s version of it. Instead of just watching, you can do it together... something we don't spend enough time on. We can motivate and excite each other about fitness. ~ Alan Thicke

Family life was wonderful. The streets were bleak. The playgrounds were bleak. But home was always warm. My mother and father had a great relationship. I always felt 'safe' there. ~ Robert Cormier

Fathers and mothers have lost the idea that the highest aspiration they might have for their children is for them to be wise... specialized competence and success are all that they can imagine. ~ Allan Bloom

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