Sad Love Quotes for Her

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Why did you come to me and give me hopes when all you wanted was to cheat me? Why did you play with a heart that was ready to do anything to make you smile? Why did you leave and go away?
~ Maribel Vern

When you get hurt in love, there are very few things that actually help get over the pain.
~ Melba Sean

Someday you will realize that you defaced something that was so beautiful.  You ignored someone who really cared and hurt a heart that really loved you.
~ Kline Mali

First I smiled at you when you turned away, I spoke a kind word when you were harsh. I gave you all that I could and gave you my heart but you trampled on it like a beast standing on a rose.
~ Vaughn Jackson

My love is like the stars of the sky and maybe you do not understand the importance of what a little light from the stars can do but someday you will realize that you need it too and look up to it.
~ Freon Pronto

The worst feeling is to be ignored once, then twice, then again and again by someone you consider precious.
~ Betsy Kenton

Mother Theresa once said that nobody should depart from you without having felt loved. I only ask for a kind word and gentleness. Was that too much to ask for?
~ Chloe Bell

There are so many people to fall in love with but I chose to fall for you. That was the biggest mistake of my life, but I know that like all difficult things come to an end, even this will and you will return back someday.
~ Ava Benson

When you were in pain, I was concerned and would have helped you. When you were down and depressed I would have done anything for your smile. But never mind, maybe you don't deserve the best.
~ Sydney Rock

Its only about realizing the importance of a genuine person. You may run for beauty and outward appearance but you will soon understand that they fade away and what remains is the person.
~ Amelia Crown

Love is not only about the physical but it is way beyond that. You may get satisfied with the physical temporarily but sooner or later  you will realize that inner beauty is the most important aspect of a person.
~ Elizabeth Mia

Love is not a game that you play and forget about it. What you do to others always returns back to you in some form or the other. Maybe it looks all fine now, but you will see.
~ Lauren Patton

I made sure to do everything correctly and ensured to make you happy in every way I could. But one thing I did not make sure of was that you would leave me. That is something I was not prepared for.
~ Leah Jones

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