Best Love Quotes For 2014

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We met as toddlers in love, we did know how to love or what it was. But look at us now, we all grown strong in love facing with courage the bitter and sweet side. I promise you baby we will grow grey hair together because our love is eternal.
~Ann Valerie

I always feel butterflies every time we are watching fireflies fall on those lovely nights under the moon. It is always an amazing feeling.
~Cate Vanessa

I get the best feeling when I call you sunshine, and you respond with a smile yet we under the moonlight. It clearly shows me that we both lose mind when we are together.
~Ida Angel

I waited for a lifetime for a lady to sing me a romantic song. You joined my world and not only did you sing but made me dance to your tune.
~Cecil Emma

Sweetest I love you quotes

I will love you more hour after hour as long as a day remains to have 24 hours. My love will grow stronger day after day, and as long as tomorrow comes before today, my love will be stronger tomorrow than today.
~Esther Carol

We are unbreakable, nothing can separate us. The only force that can attack us making us weak is the attraction between us. It is irresistible.
~Anna Mercy

My love for you is not blind, your eyes shine with the brightest rays making me see every part of our love, including the future.
~Naomi Angelina

It was very cold yester night. But the tight hold you gave me brought a lot of warmth, I felt loved by you baby girl.
~Jacqueline Lovely.

Yes am a million miles away from you, but this unexplainable force between us makes me feel exactly where you are. I miss you and love you so much my queen.
~Sarah Daphne.

My boyfriends wanted to know the colour of your eyes. I lied to them because I was afraid they will steal my beautiful blue eyed girl from me.
~Jessie Keck

Love songs have been sang, love stories written, love poems recited, but baby none explains our love story. They always forget to include our episodes.
~Shisha April

I love it when you fit your fingers into mine. It makes me feel the strongest man in the world because I can hold hands with the queen of the world, you.
~Queen Abbey

As far as the sun rises from the east, it will be you I will always miss my love. And as long as it goes down in the west, you will remain the best.
~Bay Regina

I will be forever imprisoned in your cell for theft and trespassing in the left side of your chest. I am comfortable there.
~Sharon Beth

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